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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

On The Grill

Posted on September 30, 2014

Talking food one day, someone mentioned to me that they had a craving for Butter Chicken, an Indian dish that I had never tried. Instantly curious, I searched the web for a simple version of the recipe. None of them mentioned grilling, but all wanted it to be baked in a covered dish. I have to be different so instantly I was thinking of ways to make this delicious recipe on the grill. I came up with this and it was very delicious.

I was worried about finding all of the spices and the cheesecloth. No need to fret at all. If you go to a larger grocery store, one that has a fresh market and deli, you should be able to find the cheesecloth with the tea-towels. As for the spices, I found the ones I needed almost all side by side! As long as you have access to a store with a bulk section or a bulk dry goods store, you should be fine. The curry paste was in the International/Asian section. If you can’t find paste, you can substitute curry powder, and make it into a paste with water.

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