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Buttery Grilled Snapper

Buttery Grilled Snapper

With Grilled Veggie Salad

Posted on September 09, 2014

I needed a whitefish for a lunch recipe at work. Yep. I grill, at work, on the job, feeding the people in the office. That is what I do, when I'm not typing. I have the best job. 

Okay I digress. Needed fish. Needed something different. So, pacing in front of the seafood counter in the local supermarket, I asked for a reasonably priced fish that I could get a lot of right then and there. The kind person who helped me suggested the Rockfish. Yep. Still new to the seafood world I goggled at her. What's a rockfish? It doesn't sound that great. Maybe a little hard. (ba dum) You may know it as Black Snapper. And this is how you grill it up quickly for a fantastic meal.

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